What’s the agenda of this web site?

My agenda is solely to do my part to inform people why Biden will ruin the United States even more than what Obama already had. I’m not looking to make any money of the site, and since already owned the server, my expenses are minimal. I have a few banners to my other sites, but they too cost me time and money – not make me any money. I’ll put a tip can out there, but I doubt I’ll ever see any money put in it.

I want to comment on posts, do I have to register?

Yes. The reason is that the Internet is loaded with Spammers and Trolls, most of which won’t want to register. Rest assure that I have no other motives. I will not give, rent, lease or sell your email address, nor will I spam you. I simply want to keep the comments on topic.

Wait, Comments! I don’t see where to comment.

Click on the title of the post, and you will see only that post and a place to comment.

Can I create a post?

Nope, only The Old Hippie can create a post, but you’re more than welcome to comment on them. That said, there is a place where you can start topics on Biden or Trump. Point your Browser to http://www.daveschultz.com/forum/

Is This Site For Sale? I see a lot of missed potential to this site, and I think I can fill that. potential. Would you consider selling this site, including the Domain name, year of web hosting and all of the context?

I didn’t create this site to flip, but I never say never. I listen to reason.

Check back as this page will be updated with other FAQs as the become recognized.