Welcome to the No Jo and Ho Fo 20 web site.

If you are absolutely scared to death of what Jo & Ho can do to our country, then this is the web site to pay attention to. You are encouraged to participate in the conversations.

Personally, I can’t believe that people or stupid, hate America or corrupt enough to vote for this corrupt and senile man, who did nothing in 49 years but make himself and his family rich. Then again, the following corrupt America haters have been elected:

  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Hank Johnson
  • AOC
  • Bill Di Blassio
  • Ilhan Abdullahi Omar
  • Rashida Tlaib
  • and hundreds of other horrible people to rule their government

So it’s not hard to believe that Joe Biden will be elected. After all, it truly appears that most of America is ignorant and only know what the MSM, Fakebook (but I repeat myself as they’ve become the Main Stream Media), and google (which feeds you the information the DNC wants, and hides anything not Liberal) feed them. Don’t even get me started on the schools brainwashing our kids.

So vote on the polls, even as a guest; register if you wish to comment; share the posts you like on Fakebook; and turn your friends onto this site. The address is easy to remember.

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